2018 Guidebook Errata

Please correct the following on the 2018 guidebook Maps/directions. Due to the greater accuracy of GPS equipment, the mileages listed may not be accurate. Most recently updated: 09.10.2020 Please note the yellow blazes always supersede any written map directions.

Guidebook Map 1 (East to West)

Several updates:

Following replaces mi 12.4 to 12.8 on MAP 1 [as of 3/24/2019]:

mi 12.4Turn R on Bodine Road to L into woods just after 7 Oaks Road. Follow woods path paralleling Bodine Rd; cross KerFeal driveway and continue straight to re-join map 1 12.8

Following updates MAP1 – ACCESS POINTS [as of 1/20/2019]:

 mi 6.5While the fate of the no longer operational Great Valley Nature Center is being determined, No parking at GVNC parking lot is allowed

Guidebook Map 2 (East to West)

Following replaces mi 4.3 to 5.1 on MAP 2 [as of 10/28/2018]:

mi 4.3Do NOT enter “the chute”. Instead, Continue on Jaine Lane another 0.1 mile to R at repositioned post, and onto edge of field. Follow the fence line 0.2 miles to X Birchrun Rd. Continue along fence line to zig zag along several fields, briefly passing through small stand of trees (another 0.2 miles).  Pick up fence line again and continue along fields, through hedgerow and more fence line (0.6 miles) to L turn into woods, following the H-ST’s yellow blazes (as this stretch is crisscrossed by several other horse trails.)  The wooded path soon comes to the stone wall (noted on map 2’s directions at mi 5.0). Continue straight along stone wall, shortly cross stream, and follow wooded path northward.  Re-join map directions at mi 5.1.   Adjust mileage markers accordingly, as this route is roughly ½ mile longer than the route it replaces.

Guidebook Map 4 (East to West)

Following updates MAP4 –  ACCESS POINTS [as of 1/20/2019]:

mi 1.9Parking area, Buck Hollow Road at base of trail coming out of Bureau of Forestry land. 4 to 5 cars.

Guidebook Map 5 (East to West)

Several updates:

Following replaces mi 12.4 to 12.7 on MAP 5 [as of 06/21/2020]

mi 12.4L into driveway, bear R and continue uphill through woods 0.2 miles to signpost.
mi 12.6R at post, along remains of stone wall, then L along wooded trail, well away from new construction to your left. Within 0.1 mile,L uphill – rocky footing – to Trailside cul-de-sac.
mi 12.8R on to Trailside Drive, following it up to Wollups Hill Road.
mi 12.9Cross Wollups Hill Road. (Note update to ACCESS POINTS, following.)

Following updates MAP 5 – ACCESS POINTS [as of 06/21/2020]:

mi 12.8Due to new home construction, there is NO PARKING at mi 12.8 Trailside Drive cul-de-sac until further notice.  

Guidebook Map 6 (East to West)

Several updates:

NOTE: We’ve made a major change in the route described between mi 1.3 and mi 1.6 (and a bit beyond)  on Map 6 – the trail now follows cart paths and newly-made logging roads along the northern perimeter of a large property, rather than the paved Mountain Rd. and southern perimeter of that large property.

Following replaces mi 1.3 to 1.6 on MAP 6 [as of 08/30/2020]

mi 1.3Turn R on Mountain Rd about 25 yards then L onto grassy trail / cart path. Follow the grass section to R on logging road.

NOTE:  Pay close attention to the H-ST’s yellow blazes over the next 0.4 miles, as the trail follows some of the logging roads made on this property from work done in early 2020.  On-going remediation / grass and forest restoration will alter the appearance of many of these logging cuts.
mi 1.45Watch for L turn onto another logging road. Cross two spring areas and continue past an old structure (may be torn down) up cart path / roadway to
mi 1.62R turn on another logging road
mi 1.66Watch for R turn off road, to cut across logged area into woods to reconnect with the long-established trail at roughly mi. 1.7.

Following updates MAP 6 ACCESS POINTS [as of 06/21/2020]:

mi  0.0Due to new home construction, there is NO PARKING at mi 0.0 Trailside Drive cul-de-sac until further notice.  

Guidebook Map 9 (East to West)

Following replaces mi 8.9 to 9.8 on MAP 9 [as of 02/02/2020]:

mi 8.9R into the woods after crossing the Manada. Shortly, view the ruins of Manada Furnace on your left (see INTEREST). Then L turn on rerouted trail,  up small hill on wooded pathway, which soon winds  L down in to and R out of the dry channel / race.
mi 9.0On top of the race, L turn to follow alongside the channel 0.2 miles.L at end of channel, on to the long-established trail tread, close to the Manada.  Follow 120 yards, watching blazes for left turn.
mi 9.3L turn up hill to Manada Bottom Rd.
mi 9.4Spot the blazed trail opening across the road, diagonally some 10 yards to your right. With extreme caution, cross the road, to that trail opening on the west side of Manada Bottom Rd. Continue up the trail as it gradually climbs the hillside, and then winds northward off-road, paralleling the roadway below.
mi 9.74The wooded trail comes to the top of earthen ramp. Carefully go down the ramp to the landing below. Then continue L on Manada Bottom Road to re-join map 9 at mi 9.8
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