Ten color Horse-Shoe Trail maps were published in 2018 and are sold with the Guidebook.

To order a guidebook and maps online via PayPal go to our Guidebook page, or send check for $15 with your request to:

Horse-Shoe Trail Conservancy Inc.   P.O. Box 2226   Southeastern, PA 19399.

This website currently has low-resolution maps to help you find where the trail is located (see below).  For the high-resolution professional-quality published maps, please obtain the latest guidebook.

Click a section of Trail on the following map to see a blow-up of that portion of the HST:


The Re-Routes page contains high-resolution maps of all trail re-routes that have occurred since the outdated 2011 Guidebook and maps were published, as well as descriptions of the changes.  The trail is dynamic and, thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, continues to improve and adapt to development in this growing part of Pennsylvania. So the yellow blazes should be the most up to date trail route.